How to Soundproof a Baby’s Room (4 Easy Steps)

How to Soundproof a Baby’s Room
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How to soundproof a baby’s room? If you have a baby at home, you might also ask the same question. In this post, I will share with you some simple steps on how to quiet a baby’s room.

I have a three-month baby daughter. At this age, she is easily getting disturbed by the outside noise especially because we are living in an urban area.

The sound of those passing vehicles most of the time awaken the baby. So I decided to find a quick solution and I ended up soundproofing the nursery room.

So, how to soundproof a baby’s room? There are a few effective ways to soundproof a nursery room. These strategies involve using a solid-core door, using a white noise machine, and using a soundproof curtain.

If you do it right, then you and your baby will enjoy a quiet environment without imposing strict rules in the house to keep your loved ones quiet especially when the baby is sleeping.

Another benefit is that the baby’s cries will not disturb your neighbors or your loved ones.

But how can you actually soundproof a baby’s room? Now let’s talk about the mentioned processes.

1. Use a Solid-Core Door

In most cases, the door is one of the weakest parts of the house in terms of blocking the outside noise. This is because most doors today have hollow core.

Therefore, if you want to strengthen your defense system against the unwanted outside noise, get a solid core door for your baby’s nursery room.

You can easily determine whether or not your door is hollow or solid. You just need to knock on it. If you hear a solid sound, then you have a solid door otherwise you have a hollow door.

In my case, using a solid-core door worked well. This may cost you money though. It is easy if you are working with an unfinished unit. But if you are changing an existing door for this purpose, there is an extra cost in buying the door and of course the labor as well.

But how will you know that this strategy works? Well, you can measure the decibel (dB) but the quickest way is to do it manually. Just ask someone to stand outside of the room and see if you can easily talk to each other while the door is closed.

2. Use Soundproof Curtains

What I found is that there is no one way of soundproofing a baby’s room. In my experience, there are many things or parts of the room that needed to be considered.

Thus, although changing the door is effective and helpful, it will not totally give you the quietness you want for your baby. This is because the door is just one part of the room that needs to be soundproofed.

Remember that the windows are the weakest parts of the wall. This means that the outside noise could be more easily pass through the windows than through the door.

Needless to say that you need to also soundproof the window. You can easily do this by using soundproof curtains. However, make sure that you choose the thick curtains. The thicker the better.

There are soundproof curtains that can deliver the job. Some curtains are designed specifically for this purpose. These curtains do a very good job of deadening the sound, and as a bonus, they also block out light (always a benefit at nap time). Plus, they are thermal insulators as well, so they’ll keep the baby’s room warmer in cold weather and cooler in hot weather.

Soundproof curtains are not a hundred percent solution but they can certainly help achieve your goal. They make a big difference in my baby’s room in terms of eliminating the outside noise.

You can add paintings on the wall or other decorative quilt too. These things can also help. Furniture is a good addition to the room. Fabrics like rugs and carpets are good addition too as soundproofing materials to the room.

3. Use a white noise machine

If you can still hear the loud outside noise after implementing the previous techniques, it is time to add something that cancels the outside noise without working on the wall.

You can easily do this by using a noise-canceling machine also known as White Noise Machine (click here to check my recommended white noise machine on Amazon).

White noise machines do an excellent job of creating a soothing sound that will in turn cancel the penetrating outside noise. In other words, white noise machines do not deaden or soundproof the room. Instead, they create a much relaxing sound that fills the room.

The one that I recommend above does an excellent job of producing a sound that helps my baby sleep. The best thing I like the most about the white noise machine is that it is super easy to use. You just need to turn it one, and you’re done. It’s like turning a radio on.

4. Double-layer the drywall

If soundproofing the door and window are not enough, then you can take more serious and extreme measures. You can double-layer the drywall of the baby’s room.

This technique however is more arduous than the previous ones not to mention the cost. Aside from the materials needed, you will also spend money on carpenters (if you don’t do it yourself). But this will definitely make a huge improvement.

Before doing this, I suggest that you look at the wall that has the most issue (the weakest part of the wall in the room). What I found is that the wall between the two rooms is the weakest one. If that is the case, you can only focus on that area. It will help you save time and resources.

The other thing you can add to this is wallpaper (check my recommended cute textured wallpaper on Amazon). Choose the thick and spongy to get the most out of it. It will definitely help soundproof the room of your baby. The good thing about wallpapers is that they have cute designs and textures that will also add the aesthetic feature of the room.

Additional Tip

After soundproofing your baby’s room, normally, you don’t hear when your baby is crying. This is not really a problem. You can use a video baby monitor (click here to see my recommended video baby monitor on Amazon) to see the baby inside the room without you being there. In my case, this gadget helps me and my wife a lot.

The video monitor allows us to check on our baby without going into her room. This is super helpful during the night when everyone is sleeping.

Final Thought on How to Soundproof a Baby’s Room

Soundproofing a baby room may involve a few simple steps. You can use the techniques mentioned in this post.

However, please note that there are more techniques you can use than what is listed here. All you need to do is do a quick research and find what could help you achieve your goal of soundproofing your baby’s room.

I hope this helps. Thank you very much for reading.

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